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Do you have doubts about the reliability of this service? Do not worry, all travelers designated to assist you are an integral part of the Jijilink community and have the sole objective of ensuring the proper functioning of the platform. In addition, their own interest directly depends on user satisfaction, and therefore, their reputation on the platform.


See wider! With Jijilink, you can send packages to your home, receive important documents, emergency medicines. We offer you a traditional method which has always proven its worth, namely that of the exchange of services between people. To encourage this practice, do not hesitate to tell your friends about Jijilink. The more people there are on the platform, the more effective the exchanges will be!


On Jijilink, each partner takes turns playing the role of package sender and traveler, depending on the needs of the moment. Transporting a small package for a neighbor, friend or relative while earning money is a golden opportunity.

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