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Would you like to participate as a sender?

Don't wait any longer and send your packages all over the world!


1. Become a Jijilink partner by creating your free account. As a partner you can send small, medium or large parcels.


2. Complete the information sheet for your package.

It is imperative that you quote the price you are offering for this service.


3. Add your personal information so that the potential traveler can contact you.


4. To make it easier for the traveler, we advise you to display a photo of your package.


No more uncertain trips to the airport to find someone traveling in an emergency to deliver medication to your mother, father, brother or friend.


Forget excessive fees for shipping small packages by shipping companies, goodbye to customs hassles and delays.

Check your chat box for comments from interested travelers.

Meet up the traveler, exchange contact informations (email, phone number). Give the parcel and offer's price.



Do you want to join our team of Jijilink partners and earn money while traveling? You are in the right place !


1. Become a Jijilink partner by creating your free account. As a partner, you can respond to ads submitted by senders.


2. Browse the Jijilink platform and select one or two packages to carry during your trip. Depending on the space available in your luggage, you will have the opportunity to transport small, medium and large packages.



3. Contact the sender of the package and arrange to carry out the transaction under good conditions. Don’t forget to find out the contact details of the person receiving the package. You will have to hand deliver the package to them.

4. Anyone who travels by airline, bus, train, or Uber driver may select one or more packages of their choice in Jijilnk and drop it off at your destination to make money.

Contact the sender, meet up, exchange contact informations (email, phone number).

Get the parcel  for delivery and offer's price.

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