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About Us

Do you want to send a package to your parents, your sisters, your brothers or even your friends, but the shipping prices are exorbitant? Do customs controls seem increasingly severe to you for products originating from Europe and America to Africa (and let's not even talk about smartphones or any other product made of Lithium)? Don't understand why spend $300 on shipping for something that only cost $50? Neither do we, which is why JIJILINK is revolutionizing parcel sending by creating win-win opportunities.


Send your parcel directly with the Traveler

The concept is simple: To avoid delays, customs formalities or excessive warehousing, we bring together a global community of Jijilink partners who can transport your packages and deliver them to any destination.


As you probably know, every traveler has the right to carry a small piece of luggage. The idea is that you can slip your package into the suitcase of one of these travelers. This way, the sender can send items at a lower cost, while the traveler can amortize the cost of their trip. We call this initiative: “Partner Connection – Parcel Sender and Traveler-Transporter”.

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