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Questions fréquemment posées

  • How to make money if you travel?
    If you're traveling, take the opportunity to earn money with Jijilink by accepting packages while you travel. Thousands of small, medium and large packages are available on Jijilink, each with its own price.
  • Why use Jijilink?
    The role of Jijilink is to connect the sender of a package, who determines their own shipping rate, with a traveler or a driver capable of transporting the package of their choice.
  • Type of package and price?
    Whether you have a small, medium, or large package to send to your loved ones, Jijilink offers a fast solution for sending or receiving packages to the United States, Paris, London, Congo, Cameroon, and everywhere in Africa, at the price of your choice. You read correctly, you set the amount you are willing to pay to send your package.
  • Why are transport companies fighting against jijilink?
    Jijilink has a network of thousands of travelers ready to pick up your package for much lower compensation than shipping companies. This system does not please shipping companies, but we must be able to be united and help each other. By participating in the Jijilink solidarity project, you are doing more than sending a package, you are creating a bond. So, don’t wait any longer, visit our site:
  • Who are jijilink’s partners?
    Please note that we have a lot of partners who travel from your city or from a related city. You will therefore be contacted very quickly. If necessary, you will need to send your package to the shipping partner via the neighboring state's postal service.
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